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3 Fascinating Facts About Electricity

3 Fascinating Facts About Electricity
3 Fascinating Facts About Electricity

We all take electricity for granted. After all, it's always available with a flick of a switch.

Even if you think you know everything there is to know about the power source for our homes and businesses, electricity crackles with fascinating facts. Here are a few of our favorite little known facts about electricity.

1. Your body relies on electricity to keep your heart pumping. Special cells in the sinoatrial node trigger an electrical burst that causes your cardiac muscles to contract and move blood into the next chamber.

2. Have you ever wondered why more birds don't get electrocuted when they hang out on power lines? They are protected because they don't close the circuit and allow the electricity to flow. They are safe as long as they sit on a single wire, but as soon as a foot or a wing touches another one, it's Bye, Bye Birdie.

3. The iconic Statue of Liberty does double duty as a symbol of the US nation and as a lighthouse. It was the first lighthouse to be powered by electricity when the torch was turned on in 1886.

There is more to electricity than meets the eye. It's necessary for our survival, safe to use when properly installed, and powers one of the greatest lighthouses in the world. For even more about electricity, contact the electrical experts at Mister Sparky.

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