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5 Tips for Electrical Safety After a Flood

5 Tips for Electrical Safety After a Flood
5 Tips for Electrical Safety After a Flood

People often underestimate the power of a flood to cause destruction and threaten lives. In addition to damage from the water itself, floods pose an electrical hazard. Here are five ways you can stay safe from electrical dangers after a flood.

1. Stay away from your basement if it has flooded, or you'll risk electrocution.

2. Don't step into areas of your home where electrical outlets are submerged, and don't try to unplug anything from a submerged outlet.

3. Get an electrical inspection of your home after the flood to decrease the chance of any ongoing hazards or fires.

4. Hold off on doing any cleanup until your electricity and gas have been turned off, especially if your circuit breaker has been damaged or any wiring is exposed.

5. Trying to do your own electrical repairs after a flood is a recipe for disaster. Call in an expert to get the problem under control and repair any damage that may have occurred.

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