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Different Types of Energy Sources

Different Types of Energy Sources
Different Types of Energy Sources

Every living organism relies on energy in one way or another. As humans, for example, we require energy to binge watch Netflix, but also for more necessary actions, like breaking down the food we eat. We all know that energy is important, but where exactly does energy comes from? Learn more here.

Renewable Vs. Nonrenewable
There are numerous types of energy sources, but it’s easiest to break them down into two categories: renewable and nonrenewable. Renewable energy is obtained from natural sources, like the sun, water and wind. Renewable energy is beneficial because it can be renewed continuously, without ever being depleted. Nonrenewable energy on the other hand is (in many cases) easier to produce than renewable energy. This type of energy is man made and ultimately differs from renewable energy because once these sources are depleted it can never be replaced.

Renewable Energy Sources
There are many types of naturally occurring, renewable energy sources available, but these are three of the most common:

Solar: By harnessing light and heat from the sun, solar panels and other solar power technology converts sunlight into electricity.

Wind: Uneven heating patterns create the winds we often feel outside. Fortunately, this phenomenon also serves as a renewable energy source. They generate energy from wind and windmill propellers are used. The process involves catching win in the mill propellers, which forces rotation. This rotation signals a generator, which eventually turns the wind into electricity.

Hydropower: Moving water creates Hydropower energy. The process involves passing dammed water through a generator-powered turbine, which converts the moving water into energy.

Nonrenewable Energy Sources
While there are many types of nonrenewable energy sources, these are some of the most common:

Oil: Oil is formed when heat and pressure compressed the remains of prehistoric plants, animals and aquatic life, turning it into fossil fuel. The oil is drilled and pumped from giant underground pockets or oil wells before being processed through distillation. Distillation separates the by-products of crude oil and creates other useful products such as gas, kerosene and oil.

Natural Gas: Despite having the word “natural” in its name, natural gas is a nonrenewable energy source that is closely related the oil. Natural gas is drilled from the same wells as crude oil or it is removed during the distilling process.

Coal: Coal is formed when millions of years of pressure and heat turn the remains of prehistoric swamps and forests into coal. The coal is removed from there either by deep mining or strip mining. Coal is mostly used in the production of electricity and to provide fuel for industries that need a large supply of heat.

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