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Breaker Panels

Break Panels Clearwater
Breaker panels are the main hub for electricity in your home, and if they aren’t working properly it can be a big problem! We can inspect your damaged panel to see if a repair is needed or if a replacement would end up saving you more money. You’ll love our prompt service and affordable pricing. If you need your breaker panel replaced or repaired, give us a call today.

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Breaker Panel Installation

If you have an older home, then your breaker panel is probably out of date and in need of an upgrade. Most older homes only have 60-amp panels. Homes built today are required to have a minimum of a 100-amp panel. A 60-amp panel is simply not strong enough to handle the demands put on it by all of our new appliances and electronics. We can evaluate the panel and your home’s needs and let you know whether or not an upgrade is necessary. If you have a panel from as recently as the 1980s, chances are it was manufactured with some flaws. These flaws in the panel are a fire and shock risk. Call us immediately to have your breaker panel inspected.

Break Panel Install St Petersburg

Breaker Panel Repair

Do you have a problem with circuit breakers tripping a lot? Is there a burning smell? Do you hear cracking sounds coming from the panel box? Are you constantly looking for extension cords? Don’t ignore any of these issues. A small electrical problem can turn into a big problem fast. It is important to check your panel regularly for signs of a problem. If you see rust on the panel box, you may have an issue with excess moisture or a leak near the box. Whatever the problem is with your breaker panel, we can find it and fix it.

Function of Breaker Panels

Your breaker panel is the main hub for the electricity in your home. It contains circuit breakers for each electrical circuit in your home. Power from the utility company flows through the meter, then an electrical disconnect, before moving on to the main breaker in your breaker panel. The panel prevents fires from overheated wires. When one of the breakers trips, it is because too much power is flowing through it. Too many appliances running at the same time will often cause breakers to trip.

Your safety is our number one concern. We will do everything we can to make sure your home’s electrical system is safe. While you may be familiar with fixing the breaker when it trips, we don’t recommend you attempt to DIY a panel repair or replacement. We can send out an expert electrician to handle the job for you. Call today if you want more information on breaker panels or our other electrical services.

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We repair and install breaker panels in Clearwater, St Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Holiday, New Port Richey and surrounding areas.

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