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How a Main Electrical Panel Works

How a Main Electrical Panel Works
How a Main Electrical Panel Works

If the home and electrical system acts like a human body, the main electrical panel is the heart, supplying electricity to all of the appliances and circuits. To better understand the home electrical system, and the main electrical panel, check out some additional resources below:

On top of the electrical panel, the fuse box, or central breaker panel, directs electricity through your home as various circuits, each flowing "out" from its own circuit breaker, or fuse, on one wire and returning to another connection in the panel on a different wire.

The phrase “trip the breaker” refers to the interruption of current when the breaker approaches a dangerous level. Those who do not have breakers probably have fuses.

These diagrams help explain how the main electrical panel controls electricity.

Not always located indoors, main electrical panels can come in all shapes and sizes, too.

The hot bus does not refer to a large vehicle containing children, but it does transport power.

Again, any work involving the main electrical panel is best left to a certified electrician. Contact Mister Sparky today to get the best electrical service available.

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