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How Does a Circuit Breaker Work?

How Does a Circuit Breaker Work?
How Does a Circuit Breaker Work?

Circuit breaks are probably one of the most underrated devices in the modern world. But without circuit breakers, our homes and businesses would be susceptible to fires and other electrical-related mayhem. But what exactly is a circuit breaker? And how does it work? Learn more below.

What Does a Circuit Breaker Do?
Circuit breakers have an important job to do. Whenever there is electrical wiring in your home or a business, which has too much current flowing through it, the circuit breaker is the device that cuts the power until the problem can be fixed by a professional. Without circuit breakers, the use of electricity in your home would be far too dangerous and could easily result in a fire.

How Circuit Breakers Work
Supplying electricity to your home is a complex process. First, the power distribution grid delivers electricity from a power plant to your home. From here, the electrical charge moves to a big circuit, composed of many smaller circuits. The circuit breaker’s job is to act as a safety device, similar to a fuse. They are located at the distribution board and disconnect the supply of electricity if the current is too large.

When the live wire carries the appropriate electrical current, the electromagnet is not strong enough to separate the contacts. But when the wrong electrical current is carried, the electromagnet pulls hard enough to separate the contacts. As a result, the circuit breaks and a spring keeps the contact apart. After the fault is broken, the contacts can be pushed together again by lifting a switch on the circuit breaker.

Call the Professionals You Can Trust
If your circuit breaker isn’t working correctly, your home won’t be as safe as it could be. Because circuit breaker issues can be serious, it’s important to call a professional electrician if you are in need of an electrical repair. At Mister Sparky, our highly trained technicians will inspect your entire electrical system and repair any damage to ensure it is functioning efficiently and not endangering your home. Still have questions about circuit breakers? Give us a call today to learn more or schedule your service appointment online.

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