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New Tech That’s Changing the Way We Use Electricity

New Tech That's Changing the Way We Use Electricity
New Tech That’s Changing the Way We Use Electricity

Not surprisingly, the global population consumes power at an alarming rate, from air conditioning systems, heating systems, household appliances, all forms of computing, consumer electronics and even electric cars. Problematically, instead of consuming less electricity, we’re adding to the already overburdened demand, and we’re not adjusting the capacity necessary to support it. Fortunately, several rising technologies might have the solution:

The quick charge and discharge ability of ultracapacitors allows renewable energy installations to efficiently harness power and then deliver it back to the power grid in a way that can increase renewable energy use by up to 50 percent.

Growing efficiencies and reduced costs of solar energy will result in widespread adoption.

Converting energy into electricity served as the catalyst for solar power, plus other alternative energy sources.

The technology behind batteries might help curb home and commercial energy use.

Even car batteries might fuel an alternative energy lifestyle.

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