Now that the turkey is digesting, it’s time to look forward. This is one of the most dangerous times of the year for house fires. As you deck your halls keep these tips in mind.
For many the time after Thanksgiving is filled with parties, entertaining and decorating. Data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) shows with the holidays also come an increase in home fires. The most common causes involve cooking, Christmas trees, candles and holiday decorations. To protect your family and property electricians with Mister Sparky® say having a working smoke alarm is critical. Here are tips to remember:

  • Put it to the test
    Make sure your smoke alarms work. Test it, clean out any dust and check the batteries. Test your alarm every month and never disconnect the batteries.
  • Consider an upgrade
    If you live in an older home, consider having your smoke alarms upgraded so they are hardwired (use electricity) and have a battery backup. You can also ask a qualified electrician to install interconnected fire alarms, when one alerts, they all do. You can also upgrade to a combination carbon monoxide/smoke alarm.
  • Expand your coverage
    You need more than one smoke alarm to cover your entire home. NFPA standards require a smoke on each level of your home, outside each sleeping area and inside each bedroom. Millions of U.S. homes to have smoke alarms but not enough to meet the standards and protect the home.
  • Be bright and be smart
    Don’t overload electrical circuits when putting up your holiday decorations and lights. Only use outdoor rated extension cords, outside. Upgrade to LED lights, they use a fraction of the amount of electricity which can save you money in the long run.