We want to be your choice for all of your lighting design installation needs. Whether you are looking to have LED pool lights installed or new landscape lighting designed, you can trust us to impress you. The right lighting can have a huge impact on how a space looks and feels. We can walk you through the design process and help you make the right choice. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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Lighting Design & Installation

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Outdoor Lighting

Electrical lighting doesn’t just make a difference inside your home; it can make the exterior of your home truly shine. We are lucky enough to live in an area where we can enjoy our outdoor spaces year-round. The right lighting can enhance the ambiance of your patio, front porch, backyard or any part of your exterior space and make it even more enjoyable at night. Installing the lighting and wiring can be complicated, so it is best to let a master electrician handle the task.

The right electrical lighting can also help protect your home. Let our master electricians install security lighting on your property. Security lighting will add an extra layer of protection to your home. Call us today at 727-431-5170 if you would like more information on landscape lighting or security lighting for your home.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is preferred by many homeowners in our area because LED bulbs can help lower your electric bill. LED bulbs don’t emit as much heat as other bulbs, and heat is not something we need more of in our climate. LED lighting can be used inside and outside your home.

LED Pool lighting can take your swimming pool from basic to wow! Imagine some gorgeous blue lights accenting your pool while you enjoy a nighttime swim. We can light up your pool cage with LED lights so you can swim at night as well. We also offer a fabulous color-changing LED light system for your pool. You will be amazed at how much sparkle this adds to your pool and patio.

Lighting Design

If you know you want to improve your home with updated light fixtures, but aren’t sure where to start, we can help with our lighting design services. We can do an LED lighting conversion or add strategically placed LED light strips for just the right ambiance. We know just where to add spotlights and pathway lights in your yard. Our hardworking electricians specialize in lighting design and installation, and we are happy to come up with the perfect plan for your property.

You will be thrilled with our lighting design services. Our electricians are always respectful, on time and ready to do the best quality work for you. If you have questions about electrical lighting or any of our electrical services, call our office today. We’d be happy to discuss the options with you. 727-431-5170