Considering a generator for an extra power solution? We can help find the right model for your home’s needs. Whether you are looking to install a permanent one or need us to install electric hookups for your new portable generator, we have got you covered. We want to help you rest a little easier next time the power goes out. Call us today to see how you can keep the power running.

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Generator Installation

What is your game plan for the next time the power goes out in our area? With frequent tropical storms and lightning strikes, we will have multiple outages a year. Generators are the perfect solution for a backup power source in our climate.

Worst case scenario, these outages can last a few days. A generator will keep the power on during an outage and will also save you from having to throw out a fridge and freezer full of food. Having backup power also means you can keep the AC running when the power goes out—a welcome relief in the Florida heat.

Whole Home Generators

A permanent generator is hardwired right into your main electrical panel. They are roughly the size of an air conditioner. Some are equipped with a bypass switch for you to manually turn them on during an outage. Others have built-in sensors that automatically turn on when your electric power shuts off. The automatic types also run a self-check, typically on a monthly basis.

We have many makes and models of permanent generators for you to choose from that will fit any budget. Call our office today, and we can schedule an appointment for you to review all the options.

Portable Generators

If you decide to purchase a portable generator, make sure you have a safe place outside to operate it during a power outage. Do not make the mistake of trying to run the generator inside your home. You will put yourself and your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if you operate it indoors. When we install the electric hookups for your generator, we will review the safety precautions to take while using it, so you are ready the next time you need it.

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