Our master electricians can repair or install outlets and switches in your home. Whether you have broken outlets and switches that need repair or you are looking to install some in new locations, we can help. We will also upgrade your existing outlets to GFCI outlets for added safety. Call us today to make an appointment.

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GFCI Outlets

GFCI outlets are ground-fault circuit interrupters. These are the outlets with the test and reset buttons on them. The purpose of GFCI outlets is to help prevent electric shocks. GFCIs are required in all new homes. Those with older homes are requesting to upgrade to the GFCI outlets for safety reasons.

We recommend (and electrical codes require) you have GFCI outlets installed in your bathrooms, kitchen and outdoor areas because of their tendency to get wet. The GFCI has a built-in safety feature. If you were blow drying your hair and dropped the dryer in a full bath, for example, the GFCI outlet would shut off the circuit to prevent electric shock.

Outlet & Switch Installation & Repair

If the outlets and switches in your home are giving you a little shock when you use them, this is a sign that you need to have them inspected. It is best to have all of your outlets checked on a regular basis to make sure they haven’t been damaged by any power surges. If you are a member of our maintenance plan, the Direct Energy Protection Plan, inspecting your outlets and switches is included in our yearly visits.

Installing additional outlets will better serve your home if you find that you have to use extension cords on a regular basis. Extension cords are a good temporary solution, but not recommended for long-term use. If your outlets aren’t in convenient locations, we can move them for you.

Looking to upgrade to dimmer switches instead of basic light switches? Call our team today, and we can install those upgraded switches for you. If the light switches aren’t turning your lights on anymore, let us troubleshoot the problem for you.

Safety is our priority. Call Mister Sparky for prompt and reliable electrical services! 727-431-5170